Site-Specific Theatre Productions

We take classical plays and news works and set them in unconventional performance spaces in an effort illuminate the plays for an intimate, though-provoking, and unconventional theatre experience.  This also allows us to save on rental costs, and divert funds to creatives and performers.  In producing this way, we have also introduced Angelenos to city gems that had not known of before.  Past plays include Lady Windemere’s Fan at The Williams Andrews Clark Memorial Library in West Adams, Mommune by Dorothy Fortenberry at a children’s play-space, and In Case of Emergency by Co-Founder Ruth McKee at various garages around the city.

Flash Fest

Flash Fest is one of our signature programs. Fifteen playwrights are commissioned to write short pieces inspired by a selected space, which then directors and actors rehearse for no more than 8 hours. These plays are presented over the course of several weekends, on site at the selected location.  Past locations have included the National History Museum, The La Brea Tarpits Museum, a loft building Downtown LA, and St. John Cathedral.

We’ve also taken the concept of Flash and modified it to work with other partners such as Center for Arts Eagle Rock, and our own “Aesthesia.” We both produce our own Flash Fests, and also work with partnering organizations around Los Angeles to produce versions of Flash around town.  Please contact us if you have an organization or location and would like to discuss the possibilities.

Chalk Lines

This is one of newer projects, led by Founding Member Ruth McKee.

“Chalk Lines” is a mobile app and publishing platform that will host a collective of “audio-plays”, guiding the listener through LA spaces, allowing them to experience a narrative that relates to the world they are in, and enhancing the emotional and physical experience of visiting that place. Currently in development.

Writers Group

As a part of Chalk Rep’s commitment to new work, our Writers Group was founded by Artistic Circle member Brian Slaten in 2015 as a way to support Playwrights in creating new work for the stage. The Writers Group meets once a month at St. John’s Cathedral. It’s a safe, informal environment for Playwrights to bring in a selection of a new play to hear out loud for the first time in a cold reading setting. Actors as assigned by Eric Reyes Loo, the current coordinator of the Group, who also leads a short discussion to help answer any questions the Playwright may have.

Admission into the Writers Group for Actors and Playwrights is by referral and invitation only.

Workshops and Public Readings

The purpose of the Workshops and Public Readings are sometimes to explore a play Chalk is interested in producing. But the goal is not always to workshop a play that fits Chalk’s mission. Sometimes it’s to work with a Playwright whose work we’re really interested in championing. As with the Writers Group, invitations to do a Workshop come directly from the company and not from solicited proposals or pitches. Occasionally we invite the public to these readings. Please sign up to receive our emails for updates on upcoming workshops and readings.