The Company

Currently a company of thirteen artists, led by a rotating Artistic Producing Directors, Chalk remains true to our original mission working with a diverse group of artists to create works that are intimate, accessible, and an event to attend.

Artistic Circle

(left to right) Chad Smith, Amy Ellenberger, Rebecca Bonebrake, Alexis Genya, Eric Reyes Loo, Jennifer Chang, Peter Wylie, Hilary Ward, Teri Reeves, Ruth McKee, Daniel Rubiano, Claudia de Vasco.

and forever in our hearts: Owiso Odera

Board of Directors

Gerry Bryant, Esq, Legal Counsel, KCET
Amy Ellenberger, Senior Enrollement Director, New York Film Academy / Chalk Rep Founding Member
Eva Wielgat Barnes, Theatre Faculty, UC San Diego
Alexis Genya, Chalk Rep Artistic Circle Member
Larissa Kokernot, Freelance Director / Chalk Rep Founding Member
Noreen O’Toole, Transmedia Producer, Westworld