5 Reasons to Support Chalk Rep

We know there are so many wonderful Arts organizations in Los Angeles that deserve your support. Here’s why we believe you should consider Chalk Repertory when you are looking to support the arts through your donations.

  1. Chalk Repertory has been making big theatre in intimate places for 10 years. We were pioneers in changing the way we tell stories and experience theatre in LA, paving the way for other companies to follow. Our experience and work history makes us a trusted institution in Los Angeles.
  2. Chalk Repertory prioritizes paying our artists. We don’t invest in traditional theatre rentals. One of the reasons we decided to explore our model of site-specific theatre was that we wanted to make sure our funds were spent on our artists and not on space rentals. Our administration is also mostly volunteer.
  3. Chalk Repertory puts diversity and inclusion at the core of our mission. You can see it in our diverse leadership, on our stages, and on our creative teams. We take representation both in the work and in our organization very seriously.
  4. Chalk Repertory prioritizes committing to projects we connect with deeply, even if that means we don’t produce 5 plays as in a typical season. We place quality over quantity.
  5. Chalk Repertory develops new artists and voices. When we are not producing work, we are supporting the work of emerging and established writers, directors, and actors. Though we have produced classics, we are committed to continuing the growth and development of American Theatre.