Thu, 02/02/2012 to Sat, 02/25/2012

Intertwining like snakes, the tales of four women illuminate the ever-shifting relationship between women, power, and religion in the play Slither by award-winning playwright Carson Kreitzer. Through the love and survival of a carnival snake dancer, a preacher’s wife, a Cretan priestess, and Eve, the mother of us all, Kreitzer gives a fresh look at the complicated relationship between snakes and women and the beauty within us all.

"It's an immersive form of theater...Slither uncovers another way of biting into the forbidden fruit, unveiling the graceful and primal ways women take care of themselves, and each other.” EDITOR'S PICK --Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill "intriguing plot twists, charismatic performers, and an alchemistic take on theatrical space" "invigorating direction...a highly voyeuristic atmosphere " --Mialka Bonadonna Morano, LAist


Amy Ellenberger - Fanny Lou
Lina Patel - Aevah/Livin' Statue/Woman/Lee
Teri Reeves - Evie
Brian Slaten - Harlan/Bad Man
Inger Tudor - Eve/Lavinia
Tobie Windham - Adam

Creative Team

Tom Ontiveros - Scenic Design, Tom Ontiveros - Lighting Design
Naomi Kasahara - Prop Design
Michael Shapiro - Sound Design
Jamieson Trotter - Sound Design
Jessica Olson - Costume Design
Jimmy Ng - Production Stage Manager
Alejandro Pina - Assistant Stage Manager