Lady Windermere's Fan

Sat, 07/27/2013 to Sun, 08/18/2013

Chalk Repertory Theatre cordially requests your presence at a very small, very early, very select garden party, in celebration of the 21st birthday of Lady Margaret Windermere. Performed on the grounds of UCLA's historic William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.

"I vote for a return engagement next summer. If Theatre 40’s The Manor can keep returning to Greystone in Beverly Hills year after year, why couldn’t Chalk Rep’s Lady Windermere’s Fan do the same at the Clark?" --Don Shirley, LA Stage Times "Director Jennifer Chang's environmental, modern-dress (courtesy of costumer Halei Parker) staging lends an engaging, naturalistic buffer to the brittleness of the play's 19th-century melodramatic tropes while rooting the wealth of its Wildean bon mots in a soil of contemporary psychological truth." PICK OF THE WEEK --Bill Raden, LA Weekly "[do not] miss out on this spectacular performance!" --Jenny Platt, Life in LA


Amielynn Abellera - Lady Windermere
Amin El Gamal - Dumby
Feodor Chin - Cecil Graham
Amalia Fite - Lady Plymdale/Rosalie
Allie Jennings - Lady Agatha
Tess Lina - Mrs. Erlynne
Owiso Odera - Lord Windermere
Teri Reeves - Duchess of Berwick
Brian Slaten - Lord Darlington
George Wyhinny - Parker
Peter Wylie - Lord Augustus

Creative Team

Art Betanzos - Scenic Design
Sasha Monge - Scenic Design
Halei Parker - Costume Design
Rebecca Bonebrake - Lighting Design
Ryan Harris - Production Stage Manager
Liv Wafler - Assistant Stage Manager
Ian Lockwood - Assistant Stage Manager