Gallery Secrets

Sat, 09/21/2013 to Sun, 10/13/2013

In conjunction with the Natural History Museum of L.A. County’s 100th Anniversary, GALLERY SECRETS, premieres four new short plays commissioned by four Los Angeles playwrights performed after hours at NHM. Each play is inspired by an assigned gallery, and set in the time period when that gallery was built, uncovering 100 years of history, architecture and exhibits. In the Rotunda: A Vast Hoard by Tom Jacobson In the African Mammal Hall: Skins and Bones by Ruth McKee In the Gem & Mineral Hall: Under the Glass by Zakiyyah Alexander In the Dinosaur Hall: Prom Season by Boni B. Alvarez


Angel Star Felix - Fabiola: Prom Season
Melina Bielefelt - Sarah: A Vast Hoard
Joseph Gilbert - Frank Daggett: A Vast Hoard
Rod Menzies - Harris Newmark: A Vast Hoard
Amy Ellenberger - Julia Bracken Wendt: A Vast Hoard
Keiana Richard - Sadie: Skins and Bones
Katherine Sigismund - Hildy: Skins and Bones
Joel J. Gelman - Henry: Skins and Bones
Brian Johnson - Doc: Under the Glass
Tony Amendola - Colonel: Under The Glass
Blaire Chandler - Marie: Under the Glass
Jessica Hemingway - Yessenia: Prom Season
Morgan Pavey - Stacey: Prom Season
Marie Ponce - Genesis: Prom Season
Justin Huen - Melvin: Prom Season

Creative Team

Jimmy Ng - Stage Manager
Liv Wafler - Stage Manager
Nicholas Pilapil - Stage Manager
Ryan Harris - Production Stage Manager
Hilda Kane - Lighting Design
Halei Parker - Costume Design
Colin Wambsgans - Sound Design