FLASH Festival 2016

Thu, 10/06/2016 to Sat, 10/22/2016

In our fourth biennial FLASH Festival, Chalk Rep has invited fifteen Los Angeles playwrights to create original ten-minute plays inspired by a space, to be performed in that location. This year we are in residence at St. John's Cathedral, with plays written on the timely theme of Religion & Politics! 


The Festival runs three weekends with a brand new slate of five plays each weekend. Come back each week to catch them all! Tickets are $20 and available online or with cash at the door.

Week 1 - October 6-7-8 at 7PM: 
HIM AND HER by Alex Lewin - Directed by Richard E. Martinez
EVERY SUNDAY by Kristin Jones - Directed by Megan A. Smith
KA-PEW by David Myers - Directed by Larissa Kokernot
LOS IMMORTALES by Jonathan Ceniceroz - Directed by Justin Huen
SEPARATION by Speed Weed - Directed by Peter Wylie

Week 2 - October 13-14-15 at 7PM:
THE BRIDE by Boni B. Alvarez - Directed by Claudia DeVasco
HERE WE ARE by Eric Reyes Loo - Directed by Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx
FAT NAKED VENUS by Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter - Directed by Kate Motzenbacker
EPISODE 92 by Cory Hinkle - Directed by Hector Rodgriguez
PROTECT AND SERVE by Brian James Polak - Directed by Kate Jopson

Week 3 - October 20-21-22 at 7PM:
QUITE CONTRARY by Dorothy Fortenberry - Directed by Kristopher Lencowski
PATCH OF BLUE by Lisa Kenner Grissom - Directed by Johnny Kwon
HOLY CRAP by Meg Miroshnik - Directed by Jennifer Chang
SOCK ANGELS by Rachel Axler - Directed by Adam J. Smith
INVOLUNTARY by Lina Patel - Directed by Brian Slaten

All performances at St. Johns Cathedral, 514 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles. 

Creative Team

Peter Wylie - Company
Brian Slaten - Company
Boni B. Alvarez - Company
Alexis Genya - Company
Lina Patel - Company
Teri Reeves - Company
Jennifer Chang - Company
Adam J. Smith - Company
Daniel Rubiano - Company
Eva Wielgat Barnes - Company
Hilary Ward - Company
Justin Huen - Company
Eric Reyes Loo - Company
Boni B. Alvarez - Company
Larissa Kokernot - Company