FLASH Festival 2014

Thu, 10/09/2014 to Sat, 10/25/2014

A downtown high-rise apartment building is the host for our third FLASH Festival, in which 15 LA Playwrights are invited to write original 10-minute plays to be performed in a specific location. 15 teams of Actors and Directors were then given up to 8 hours of rehearsal to stage the new plays in furnished and unfurnished apartments, the lobby, media room and pool terrace of this brand new building at 8th + Hope.

FEATURING NEW WORK BY: Zakiyyah Alexander, Boni Alvarez, Rachel Axler, Jami Brandli, Carla Ching, Lisa Kenner Grissom, Alex Lewin, Regan Linton, Jennifer Maisel, Ruth McKee, David Myers, Lina Patel, Brian Polak, Madhuri Shekar, Speed Weed DIRECTED BY: Andrew Borba, Jennifer Chang, Guillermo Cienfuegos, Snehal Desai, Nataki Garrett, Kristopher Lencowski, Larissa Kokernot, Debbie McMahon, Kate Motzenbacker, Charlie Oates, Deena Selenow, Adam J. Smith, Shaheen Vaz, Diana Wyenn WITH: Amielynn Abellera, Carlton Byrd, Cate Scott Campbell, Amy Ellenberger, Sara Garcia, Emma Zakes Green, David Hyunh, Oona Flaherty, Vi Flaten, Katherine McGehee, Geno Monteiro, Burl Mosley, Karen Jean Old, Jessica Reed, Brian Slaten, Elia Saldana, Erich Schulman, Katherine Sigismund, Paco Tolson, Hilary Ward, Greg Watanabe, Yvonne Woods, Peter Wylie, Carolyn Zeller

Creative Team

Amielynn Abellera - Company
Amy Ellenberger - Company
Emma Zakes Green - Company
Geno Monteiro - Company
Burl Moseley - Company
Brian Slaten - Company
Elia Saldana - Company
Hilary Ward - Company
Peter Wylie - Company