FLASH Festival 2012

Sat, 09/08/2012 to Sun, 09/23/2012

FLASH Festival 2012 challenges fifteen Los Angeles playwrights to write a ten-minute play inspired by and performed in The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. With only eight hours of rehearsal, fifteen teams of directors and actors will bring these fifteen plays to life over three weekends in September inside The Page Museum.

FEATURING NEW WORK BY: Boni Alvarez, Eva Anderson, Rachel Axler, Joe Luis Cedillo, Dorothy Fortenberry, Jennifer Haley, Tom Jacobson, Ron McCants, Ruth McKee, David Myers, Henry Ong, Lina Patel, Vasanti Saxena, Speed Weed and Steve Yockey DIRECTED BY: Eriko Azuma, Jen Bloom, Andrew Borba, Jennifer Chang, Guillermo Cienfuegos, Abigail Deser, Sarah Gurfield, Alberto Isaac, Larissa Kokernot, Adam J. Smith, Laura Stribling and Jeff Wienckowski WITH Tony Amendola, Eric Bloom, Cate Scott Campbell, Zoe Chao, Bill Charlton, Feodor Chin, John Collins, Andrew Crabtree, Deborah S. Craig, Jennifer Chang, Longo Chu, Ewan Chung, Joshua Wolf Coleman, B.J. Dodge, Amy Ellenberger, Terrance Elton, Amalia Fite, Jeff Galfer, Amin El Gamal, Minerva Garcia, Sara Garcia, Ezequiel Guerra, Marcus Henderson, Spencer Howard, Johnny Gill, Wendy Johnson, Jacob Keller, Tracey Leigh, Tess Lina, Stephanie Manglaras, Lucas Petersen, Aubyn Philabaum, Marissa Rivera, Katie Skelton, Carlos Santos, Channing Sargent, Sebastian Schier, Stephanie Silver, Brian Slaten, Adam J. Smith, Inger Tudor, Andy Wright and Sarah Zinsser.

Creative Team

Tony Amendola - Company
Feodor Chin - Company
Jennifer Chang - Company
Ewan Chung - Company
Amalia Fite - Company
Jeff Galfer - Company
Amin El Gamal - Company
Amy Ellenberger - Company
Eileen Galindo - Company
Tess Lina - Company
Brian Slaten - Company
Adam J. Smith - Company
Inger Tudor - Company