Diet of Worms

Fri, 06/05/2015 to Sat, 06/27/2015

In the convent at Marienthron, a group of nuns decides to combat Martin Luther's heresy through theatre...only to find their own lives transformed. A hilarious and heartwarming play about sisterhood, faith, and the power of art.

"Amid the vast spaces, marble floors and gold-leaf mosaics of the cathedral, [Jennifer Chang's] light, swift stagecraft keeps the story in ceaseless motion. She whisks us from scene to scene - and through the tissue between fact and fancy - easily and gracefully." --Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost "Inger Tudor wonderfully portrays the strict but illiterate Mother Abbess.... Keiana Richard's energetic performance as Sister Katharina...shares the many emotional and heartfelt moments so thoroughly you will certainly walk away feeling her sense of freedom once she moves forward with her life." --Shari Barrett, Broadway World


Lorene Chesley - Lanita Van Golis
Elizabeth Ho - Fronika Von Zeschau
Rebecca Kaasa - Eva Grosse
John Thaddeus Ittu - Prior Baltasar
Morgan Pavey - Ensemble
Keiana Richard - Katherina Von Bora
Kenia Romero - Ensemble
Inger Tudor - Abbess Margrete Von Haubitz

Creative Team

Art Betanzos - Scenic Design
Sasha Monge - Scenic Design
Colin Wambsgans - Sound Design
Halei Parker - Costume Design
Rebecca Bonebrake - Lighting Design
Elizabeth Nordenholt - Production Stage Manager
Liv Wafler - Assistant Stage Manager