The Debate Over Courtney O'Connell of Columbus Nebraska

Sat, 07/18/2009 to Sun, 08/23/2009


THE DEBATE is set in a tavern in Nebraska where Courtney’s ex-boyfriend has challenged her new fiancé to a public debate for her hand, invoking the "Morgan Morality Act of 1894." The audience listens as the men try to woo Courtney through a formal debate process, and Courtney is forced to choose a winner. The second act of the play takes us back in time to a re-enactment of the events that led to the Morality Act being written. Performed site-specifically at Cafe Metropol in Downtown Los Angeles.


"Jennifer Chang stages the event, and it is an event, with a nimble touch."  --Stephen Leigh Morris, LA WEEKLY

"Things get crazy early on, but the show ramps up to ludicrous speed pretty quickly...It’s a night of zany fun with Chang and the gang at the marquee destroying title, The Debate over Courtney O’Connell of Columbus, Nebraska." --Mike Buzzelli, EYE SPY LA

"The cast works overtime to make every moment genuine and humorous." --Jennifer Chen, EDGE LOS ANGELES


Amy Ellenberger - Courtney O'Connell
Feodor Chin - Thomas
Larry Herron - James
Jeff Galfer - Scooner

Creative Team

Rachel Shachar - Costume Design